Is Vijayashanthi joining the BJP?

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The Congress leaders are behaving like 'headless chicken'. They have to do something big to beat the BJP, but do not what to do. The Congress MPs in Parliament are confused and are making fools of themselves. This is making more and more Congress leaders to decide to leave the party.

The latest name that is doing rounds is that of former MP Vijayashanthi. MP Vijayashanthi is said to be upset at the way the Congress has opposed the abolition of Article 370. Vijayashanthi, who kept aloof after her defeat in 2014 elections, became active again ahead of 2019 elections in Telangana. She was made chairperson of the Congress Party's Campaign Committee. After the defeat, she has again gone into a shell. The latest info is that she is unhappy with the way the Congress is dealing with the debate on Article 370. She has suddenly broken her silence and issued a statement supporting the Centre's decision.

Sources in the Congress say that Vijayashanthi is now planning to rejoin the BJP. In fact, her political career began with the BJP. It is only later that she had joined the TRS and then travelled to the Congress. If sources are to be believed, even senior Congressman and Sonia Gandhi loyalist V Hanumantha Rao might follow her into the BJP. Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy too might join the BJP, according to the sources.