When RGV Was Slapped By His Wife?

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It's no secret that Ram Gopal Varma doesn't believe in the institution of marriage. In a recent interview, The Filmmaker shared about an incident when she was slapped by his Wife for expressing his views frankly.

Ram Gopal Varma: 'Because of Marriage, We maintain secrecy when it comes to few matters and let go some things. I am a big fan of Sridevi. When I spoke about Sridevi with My Wife, She took it casually and even passed few jokes. Why because, There used to be a lot of gap between Me and Sridevi. My Wife won't tolerate if I am in awe of the Woman staying in our adjacent house. After the release of 'Shiva', We announced 'Kshana Kshanam' and Sridevi spoke about Me in an interview. That is when My Wife began feeling tensed. While we were shooting for the movie, Sridevi made a phone call to Me at 11 PM. My Wife attended that call as I wasn't in the house. When I came back, My Wife informed Me about the phone call and issued a warning to Me. I got the feeling she assumed we were having an affair. I felt very happy as I would be the luckiest person if that really happens. Then, I asked My Wife if she could stop Me if her assumption is true by any chance. Questioned her what she gonna do if I make love to her assuming she is Sridevi. Immediately, She offered a tight slap to Me. This happened because of the commitment called marriage'.

Varma feels Marriage guarantees physical intimacy between two people but they can never be real soulmates. He adds, 'You get possessive about your partner. This is happening because of our marriage system which is just an agreement'.