Adivi Sesh Is Hiding His Love Life?

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Adivi Sesh is normally very playful in his interviews and doesn't really take offences or offend anyone. Even for tough questions, he smiles and gives a politically correct answer.

But from few interviews whenever he meets press people he is showing some uneasiness to talk about his love life.

He used to say, "I am single and my passion is Cinema. I am concentrating on that more!"

But in some interviews, recently, he is either evading the question or uncomfortably smiling asking people to ask next one.

In his latest interview, about marriage topic he said that even his mother is egging him to get married soon and asked the interviewer to move on.

He said that he is not going to speak about his love life and that should remain personal.

Well, people do tend to get ideas with such answers that something is going on which the celebrities don't want to disclose, even if nothing is happening.

We are not sure if he doesn't want to address the rumours going around or he wants to be more private these days with new work tensions. In any case, we respect his privacy at the same time, want to give his fans the latest scoop about him whenever we can!