Everyone Abusing My Wife: Manmadhudu 2 Director

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Chinmayi Sripaada has been dealing with hatred ever since she decided to fight for the sexual harassment victims who joined the #MeToo Movement. In the recent weeks, The Playback Singer was ed for the content in her Husband Rahul Ravindran's upcoming flick 'Manmadhudu 2'.

Censor Cuts info of 'Manmadhudu 2' was leaked online. Few Netizens used the words 'F*ck, Sl*t, Beh*****d' in the movie as an excuse to abuse Chinmayi.

Responding to the trolling, Rahul Ravindran said: 'Yes... everyone has been trolling my wife. Abusing in fact. It hurts. But silence is golden. When people watch the film they'll realise it's only in one single scene and why. And they'll know why my wife is proud of me'.

Retweeting her hubby's post, Chinmayi wrote: 'To everyone that is concerned. And podhuna ninchi 'l****' ani thidthunna konni social media prajalaki, please understand meeku, meetho unnavaallake asahyam itla maatladithe. Naaku kaadhu'.

The Person who abused Chinmayi deleted his twitter handle after the strong retort. Some of the Haters too removed their posts to avoid trouble.