Why Is Nani's Gangleader Team Silent?

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Nani's Gangleader is one film that fans of Nani are waiting for eagerly as it has Vikram Kumar, Manam fame, at the helm.

With five different lady leads of different generations and Nani as their gang leader, the fans are expecting a good fun ride.

But all the well laid out plans of Mythri Movie Makers to promote the film have gone to dust due to sudden postponement of Saaho to 30th August.

Kaappan film, starring Suriya, Mohan Lal has been postponed to 20th September and Valmiki is shifted from 6th September to 13th September in Telugu.

Hindi film Chhichchore moved to 6th September and it has Shraddha Kapoor as the female lead. Saaho team thanked all the film teams for postponing for them as an acknowledgement.

But Nani's Gangleader team seems to be still unsure of what date to go to or whether to take on Saaho on the same date. May be they are waiting for Sye Raa makers to confirm the date.

They might be eyeing 2nd October which means a one month postponement but Sye Raa team wants to start promotions from 15th August and 22nd August will see a trailer it seems, if they release a song on 15th.

So, Nani's team should look for a date in September that will help them to sustain in theatres during Dussehra period along with Sye Raa and Venky Mama. But that seems to have become an unsolvable problem for the team.