JK Developments To Benefit AP, T

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The developments in Jammu Kashmir are likely to bring glad tidings in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh too. Yes, with J and K getting ready for constituency delimitation, there could be constituency delimitation in AP and Telangana too. Though these two states have been demanding for a fresh delimitation to increase the number of seats, the Central Government did not take them in account. For the last five years, several attempts were made, but to no avail.

But, now the indications are that the Centre may go in from fresh delimitation in AP and Telangana too. Thus AP will have 225 seats, while Telangana seats will go up from 117 to 151. The reason for this fresh delimitation is the Government's decision to go in for a fresh delimitation in Jammu and Kashmir. With Ladakh being carved into a union territory, JK will lose four seats. But, there is a need for fresh delimitation in J and K. According to sources, the number of seats in J and K will now go up from 83 to 114. Thus, even the cases of AP and Telagnana could be taken up simultaneously. If that happens the number could go up in both the Telugu states.

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