Absent Leaders Cast A Shadow On TDP Meet

Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani has skipped the TDP review meet in Vijaywada the other day. Nani has been blowing hot and cold with the party leadership, especially those from the city. He has also been attacking Chandrababu Naidu through the tweets. So, he has skipped the party meet held on Saturday.

Meanwhile, another senior leader Buddha Venkanna, who has been the butt of Nani's criticism, too was sullen throughout the meeting. He said he would not like to take up the leadership of the party in the city in view of the 'criticism by some persons.' Everyone in the meeting knew he was referring to Nani's criticism. Nani had called him Chandrababu's pet dog. This has deeply upset Venkanna and remained sullen all through the meet.

Interestingly, Bonda Uma Maheswara Rao, who is currently on a vacation in Australia and New Zealand, was not there at the meet. But, there is a strong buzz that Bonda Uma might quit the TDP very soon. He is likely to make an announcement soon after coming back from the vacation. So, on the whole, the party meeting was an insipid affair what with the barbs between the leaders and key abstentions.