I Walk Out For My Country, Not Just For Team: Rohit

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Indian Captain Virat Kohli ended the rumours of rift with Rohit Sharma before leaving to the United States for playing two T20s against West Indies:  'It's baffling, ridiculous and disrespectful to be honest. We are feeding of lies, overlooking facts and turning blind eye to all the good things that has happened in the past 4 years. By creating fantasies and scenarios in our head, We just want to accept them as the truth. There were no issues at all. If I don't like someone, It shows on my face'.
It's now the turn of Vice Captain to offer a classic reply to the rumour-mongers. Rohit Sharma shared a post on his social media handle to convey, 'I don't just walk out for My Team. I walk out for my country'.

Head Coach Ravi Shastri made it clear no individual is bigger than the team and everyone plays in the interest of the game. He wonders whether India could be so consistent in all the three formats of the game if there was any rift between cricketers.

Now, The focus of Media shifts to whether Selectors prefer Rohit Sharma as Skipper in the shorter format of the game keeping the 2023 World Cup in mind.