Do You Agree With "Reviews" Killing The Movie?

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When any film manages to get unanimous positive feedback from critics they use it for the publicity campaigns. But when they get negative or not the feedback they like, they seem to bash.

The same person who is your friend when praising, is also treated as enemy and garbage when he/she doesn't like the film.

This kind of trend seems to be catching up with producers announcing ratings, saying that films will be rating proof or plainly ranting about them!

Rationally speaking, reviews are opinions from people and in some or the other they come out. You need them to be honest, so that you can improve rather than get frustrated with them. .

Even if every film website gives positive rating and every film magazine, film newspaper and others praise the film, still it may not perform at the box office.

While the contrary is true. Madhura Sreedhar got great reception from critics for Pelli Choopulu and post that he invested in some good and bad films. Expecting critics to lap up every film seems to be really too much.

Dorasani did not really have the x-factor that Pelli Choopulu did and Madura Sreedhar had to understood that than scolding critics, he might find better scripts and rework them to make the best possible versions than show an old story in oldest possible way and expect them to be praising him and the film.

No person can be cheerleader when you really are not playing up to the potential. Please, understand that no one who is in films or who work as critics is against a filmmaker.

They just react to films like they did during Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya, Oh Baby, Majili, Jersey, Maharshi, Brochevarevarura, NTR biopics, F2, Vinaya Vidheya Rama. How many got good report from critics despite being low budgets and how many negative despite high budget? Before making a statement, people need to know that no one can make a person choose if they don't want to watch it at all and dishonesty with any reader will cost the business more for the websites, magazines, papers than filmmakers!!

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