An IPS Officer Says Sridevi Could Have Been Killed!

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DGP rank, IPS officer from Kerala, Rishi Raj Singh in an interview to Koumudi stated that his friend, a forensic expert told him that Sridevi could have been killed.

He explained, "Sridevi couldn't have just slipped. Somebody should have tied her legs or held her in the water for minutes together like that.  

In one feet deep water, no one will stay hours together until and unless they are forced, said my friend. I have my own doubts too on what happened.

The death happened in Dubai and as she is my favourite actress, I couldn't come to terms with untimely demise of her at all. I hope the truth comes out some day and may be we should re-open the case for another POV to be completely tested!"

His comments became sensational and some TV channels tried to conduct debates based on his allegations that something was definitely fishy.

Sridevi last year, went to Dubai to attend a family marriage and there in the hotel room, she was reported to be found dead. Boney Kapoor, her husband was said to be not in the room at the time but he found her dead when he came to surprise her.

Well, on the comments and new allegations, Boney Kapoor said, "I am sternly against commenting to such stupid stories!" He denied to even entertain another question on the matter.