How Are Koratala And Chiranjeevi Preparing For Their Film?

It is not easy to entertain audiences for over 4 decades and be on top of it too. At the same time, movie making has become so risky that it is hard to make a hit film after another consistently these days.

Koratala Siva and Chiranjeevi, prepare well before every film, work on the story and consult all sources available and they trust to get a working bound script.

Chiranjeevi thinks about the betterment of the film even at the editing table and there are many occasions where he could alert his team or even suggest few things himself that helped the movie big time.

Due to Sye Raa's long production, Koratala Siva got his time to pre-visualise and plan the movie, while Chiranjeevi heard the changes and additions to be completely satisfied with the script.

Now, in less number of working days without trying to push themselves too hard, the duo decided to make their film.

From August end or first week of September movie shoot will start and complete by January end. Sye Raa shoot is over now and from July Chiranjeevi will try to go for a 30-40 days wellness camp to reduce few more kilos for Koratala Siva's film get up.

Movie will have a great message and all ingredients are in proportion, it seems. Movie could release as the first film in Summer 2020.