Leader Who Is Close To Balayya Joining BJP!

Telugu Desam Party has become a supply company for BJP post the 2019 Elections. Leaders have been migrating to the National Party one after the other. The defections won't end with Rajya Sabha MPs and much more damage could be happening.

Ambika Krishna who is the former Chairman of Film, TV and Theatre Development Corporation (FDC) is likely to join BJP. He is the MD of Ambica Agarbathies Aroma and Industries Limited, Ambika Theatre Owner and Film Producer. He isn't only the Senior TDP Leader hailing from West Godavari but also maintains close relations with Balakrishna. In fact, Balayya-starrer 'Veerabhadra' (2006) was produced by him.

Nobody knows what could be the future of Telugu Desam if the Leader who remained loyal to the party for decades jump into other parties. There is already strong buzz that 15 to 16 MLAs will be joining BJP anytime soon to claim authority over TDP.

TDP Leadership isn't in a position to attack BJP even if it lures all of its Lawmakers and Senior Leaders. Even when four MPs shifted loyalties, Chandrababu Naidu hasn't uttered a single word against BJP fearing consequences.