This 20-Page Report Could Nail Ravi Prakash

There seems to be more trouble for former CEO of TV9 Ravi Prakash as tonnes and tonnes of incriminating documents are tumbling out of the 12 hard discs seized from his home. Among the documents are the 'forged' papers pertaining to 20 lakh worth of his shares to actor Sonthineni Sivaji. At least six of the hard discs have been examined by the forensic science experts and they have reportedly submitted a 20 page report to the police giving details of the forged documents. These documents can nail Ravi Prakash's lies, said a top police official.

The forensic officials are now examining the remaining six hard discs and a report would soon be sent to the police officials. The police may use these evidences to argue in the court for the custody of Ravi Prakash. The police have told the court that Ravi Prakash was not cooperating with the police and is refusing to reveal anything during the interrogation. He needs to be given in custody to extract information, they told the court.

Ravi Prakash has been ousted from the ABCL, which runs the TV9, after Alanda Group purchased majority stakes. Ravi Prakash opposed the sale and tried to block the entry of the Alanda group into the premises of the TV 9.