This Party Lost All Seats, Yet Why People Are Joining It?

The BJP may have lost all the seats it contested in Andhra Pradesh. In fact, every candidate who contested on the party ticket has lost his or her security deposit. Over all, the party has not polled even 1 per cent vote. It could get only 0.96 per cent votes. By any standards, this is BJP's worst performance ever in Andhra Pradesh. At a time when the BJP did very well everywhere, the Andhra voters have completely rejected the BJP in Andhra Pradesh.

Normally no one would even want to touch such a party with even a pair of tongs. But, politicians of all hues are flocking to the BJP. Mainly, TDP and Jana Sena leaders are trying to gatecrash into the party. Already former minister Ravela Kishore Babu is all set to join the BJP. He is likely to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday in Tirupati and formally join the BJP. If sources are to be believed, lot more TDP leaders are also looking towards the BJP. They seem to think that the TDP does not have a future in Andhra Pradesh and feel that BJP could emerge as the second most powerful party in AP in 2024.

So, wait for more exciting news and wait for big names to don saffron stoles around their shoulders.