Photo Story: Prabhas Fans From Japan!

Japan is the first country to show love towards our South Indian films and they have been fans of several stars from South India.

Muthu is the first film that became a huge hit in Japan in 90's to open new markets for South Indian films. Tamil films could expand to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and later to UAE, courtesy Malayalam films.

Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan, Vijay and Ajith to an extent, have market in all these countries, but Japan never fell in love with a South Indian film like Muthu until Baahubali arrived.

Prabhas became the first Telugu hero to have hardcore fans from Japan and he signed souvenirs to fans who came from there.

Now, a gang of ladies posed in front of his house in Indian attire mostly making it a special visit like SRK fans do when they visit Mumbai to see their favorite hero. Baahubali is truly a global market opener and we have to see how Saaho will follow it for Prabhas.