'Gutsy' Allu Boy Accepts Failure

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Majority of the public assume Film Celebrities & Hypocrisy go hand-in-hand. Actually, Such a statement doesn't make sense because not everyone will be like that be it in any Industry. Of course, We see success meets being organised for even disasters here. At the same time, There are Celebs who accept the verdict given by the movie buffs honestly. We have seen Ram Charan do it in the case of 'Vinaya Vidheya Rama'. And now, Allu Sirish showed the courage to accept the failure of his recent release, 'ABCD'.

On the eve of his birthday, Allu Sirish thanked all those who showered their love and affection on him. He also used this occasion to convey, 'Despite our best efforts, ABCD couldn't deliver what was expected of it. I humbly accept the audience verdict and all feedback on the film'.

In an Industry where success meets were organised after the release of every new release, A Hero need to have the guts to accept the negative result on a public platform. Allu Sirish received accolades for his matured performance in 'ABCD'. He now proved his maturity off the screen as well. This kind of attitude could take him to the new heights...Allu Boy is heading in the right direction!

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