West Godavari Unlucky For Mega Brothers

Generally, Contesting elections from Native Place or Home District will be an added advantage for Topbrass Leaders. In the case of Mega Brothers, This sentiment didn't work at all and the shocking results has only demoralised them.

Chiranjeevi faced defeat in Palakollu in 2009 Elections. While Pawan Kalyan contested unsuccessfully from Bhimavaram in 2019 Polls, Naga Babu ended up in third position contesting from Narsapuram Lok Sabha Constituency. What worked against the Mega Brothers?

Megastar didn't pay much attention to Palakollu as he had to focus on rest of the constituencies in the state. This happened in the case of Pawan Kalyan as well 10 years later. Lack of charisma proved costly although Naga Babu campaigned to the best of his ability after filing nomination. Candidates of TDP and YCP are financially sound. In addition, Both these well-established parties are so good at poll management and have a strong organizational structure. Lack of organization, resources and failing to earn the faith of majority of the voters led to the defeat.

May be, Neither Pawan Kalyan nor Naga Babu would dare to contest again from any constituency in West Godavari District in future.