Too Many Leaders Spoil TDP Game In Kurnool

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Will Lady Luck smile on the TDP this time in Kurnool district? This is one key district in Rayalaseema where the TDP performance was below par in 2014 elections. The district has two MP seats - Nandyal and Kurnool and 14 assembly seats. In 2014, the YSRCP had won 11 MLA seats and the TDP had got just three seats. This time around, the TDP has worked hard to improve the situation in the district.

The party has powerful families like KE family and Bhooma family. To augument the party, Chandrababu has roped in Gouru famil also. He felt these three families will work together, mobilise support and win the district for the TDP. But, that's where the party's calculations floundered.

These three families worked at cross purposes and tried to outwit one another. All the three groups did not gel together. As a result, the TDP position is more precarious than ever before. The bickering ensured that the TDP may not win even the seats it held last time. The TDP could not get votes polled in its favour.

The YSRCP on the other hand played its cards well and ensured that it could convert its support into votes. The party feels it has advantage in Kurnool.
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