Chitralahari Could End Up Accumulating Losses!

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Producers of film might have avenues like music distribution, home distribution, satellite TV and Digital streaming rights to make money from a film but distributors and exhibitors depend on theatricals.

So, the story of Chitralahari could vary from producer's perspective and trade perspective. Producers have been saying that the movie is a hit.

But the trade is saying that the movie needs to collect a little over Rs. 2.25 crores more to be called a breakeven film first.

Movie did collect 9.25 crores share in first three days but it failed to stay afloat against Majili on weekdays. By its second weekend Kanchana-3 and Jersey took over the Easter box office.

Kanchana-3 collected mind-boggling figures all over with minimum buzz and Jersey got the critics nod. Chitralahari couldn't compete with these two and Majili as well.

Movie will find it even more difficult next weekend due to Avengers Storm and hence, trade believes movie could end up being an 86-88% recovery film from Sai Tej after series of flops.

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