Evidence Surfaces To Prove TDP Rigging

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More and more sordid details are now tumbling out of the closet as to how the ruling TDP has resorted to rigging in the just concluded polling in Andhra Pradesh. The TDP gangs have tried to take over the polling booths, drive away the voters and then rig the elections. In Vizianagaram's Kurupam, the TDP goons took over booth number 152 in Chinna Kuduma village of Kurupam constituency on the polling day. When YSRCP sitting MLA Pamula Pushpa Srivani and her husband Satrucharla Pareekshit Raju tried to stop them, they were physically attacked.

Latest pictures and videos that have made their way to the social media show how the TDP workers had resorted to rigging. All this happened under the direct supervision of TDP MLA Satrucharla Vijayaramaraju. As many as 667 votes out of the total 950 votes were polled in the booth and a majority of them were polled for the TDP due to the rigging. What more, the election officer and other polling staff were seen standing as mute spectators while the rigging was one.

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