TDP Still Feels It Can Win Warangal

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The TDP in Telangana may be down, but at least the Warangal unit of the party seems to think that it is not out. It still fancies chance of a revival of fortunes. After the drubbing in the Telangana assembly elections, the TDP did not dare to contest for the MP elections. It meekly surrendered and merely extended support to the Congress Party. It was an appalling sight to see the TDP, which ruled the state for over 30 years, not even willing to contest the elections.

But, the Warangal unit of the party feels that the TDP still has chances in the state. It is planning to contest the upcoming ZP elections in Warangal district. It hopes that the good work done by the TDP during its reign would be rewarded by the voters and that it would comfortably win the ZP elections. The Warangal Unit on Monday held a meeting of the party workers and discussed the issue of putting up candidates for the upcoming ZP elections. "The TDP cannot be finished off. We have lot of supporters in the Telangana. Ours is a cadre based party," said a senior TDP leader from Warangal.
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