Viral: Balakrishna Beats Up TDP Worker On Road!

The count of Balakrishna's physical assaults kept increasing day-by-day. Nobody has any clue when the Hindupur MLA will be rectifying his inappropriate behaviour.

While campaigning in Cheepurupalli of Vijayanagaram District on Sunday, Balakrishna grabbed the collar of a TDP Worker and beaten him up. Other TDP Activists were shell shocked with the manner in which Nandamuri Hero behaved in public.

After beginning the campaigning for 2019 Elections, Balakrishna issued death threats to a Journalist, Manhandled a fan and threatened to kill a party activist if he doesn’t get 60,000 majority in Hindupur. If he continues to behave in this manner, Balayya would end up paying a huge price at some point in future. People doubt whether if his mental condition is alright or not. There is necessity for anger management sessions...isn't it?