Vikram Disappoints But Suriya Comes To His Rescue!

Director Bala is the main man behind the success of Suriya and Vikram as heroes in Tamil Cinema. His films Sethu, Nanda and Pithamagan build a fan base for both actors in masses and classes too.

They propelled to big stardom with commercial films after those films. Bala went on to make different films but he did not seem to be in same form after he chose other actors.

Still, Vikram did not forget his mentor and asked Bala to direct his son, Dhruv's first film, Varma, remake of Arjun Reddy.

The movie did not turn out well and the director almost got humiliated. He had to issue a press note that he himself came out of the project as he felt it is not working for him and will affect the young man's career before start.  

Vikram did not come out in support of him and kept silence on the matter. This did disappoint Bala but he seems to have found better reception from Suriya.

Even though the director is shadow of his true self, the actor is ready to take a chance and agreed to do a film with him it seems. Movie could start after Sudha Kongara's film which will start after Kaappan wrapped up in July.