After Issuing Death Threat, Balakrishna Apologises!

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Nandamuri Balakrishna realised his mistake quickly this time because elections aren't far away. He decided to control the damage as much as possible by issuing an apology.

The other day, Balakrishna hurled abuses at a Journalist who was capturing his campaigning in the Hindupur Assembly Constituency. He issued death threats while demanding the media person to delete the video clip from his mobile. The Sitting MLA, however, didn't realise that another person was capturing the manner in which he talked about his ability to throw bombs and use knifes to tackle Opponents.

Today, Balayya issued a statement saying he wasn't aware that those whom he abused are media persons. 'There is no intention to hurt anyone. It's just an instinctive reaction. I apologise if anyone got hurt with what has happened,' he conveyed.

TDP Leaders and Cadre are relieved a bit with the apology issued by Balakrishna. They feel the focus of public will be diverted to other aspects after this development.

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