Dev Makers Paying Heavy For Greed

Karthi is the talented actor in South film industry who enjoys a considerable market in both Telugu and Tamil languages. Though his last film encountered a failure, the makers of Karthi's Dev released the movie in a grand manner.

With just an average talk, Karthi's movie can pull off a stunner at the box-office. Rajath Kumar directed the adventure-drama that released on the same day. The film carried a positive pre-release buzz and multiple satellite networks have approached the film's producers with a deal of almost 4-4.5 crores.

Surprisingly, the makers felt that their movie is worthy of making a deal more than specified. Cut to the release date, the producers are criticizing their bad fate and greed for letting go off all the deals from their hand.

After the film's talk came out, no TV channel is evincing the interest to strike a deal with the producers. Now, the producers wanted to close the satellite deal for 50 lakhs but there are no takers.

Had the producers controlled their over-ambitious nature, the film would have been on a safer side now.