I Am A Dictator On My Sets - Boyapati

Boyapati Srinu is the new brand director for commercial mass masala films in Telugu. V.V. Vinayak used to be so but Boyapati brand took over now.

To achieve this, he had to see that everything and everyone on his sets are following him and going according to the plan. It is his conviction that people believe in and he is the ultimate personal responsible for every incident on sets.

So, he behaves like a strict headmaster on the sets, it seems. He said, "Yes, I am like a dictator and lion on my sets. I am answerable to a producer who wishes to spend certain amount and gain back a profit.  

If I let the budget crawl out of control, I will be losing credibility as a director who thinks about well-being of a producer.

I live for that and my movies single day costs upto Rs. 10 lakhs to 12 lakhs. That is a huge amount hanging on the team shoulders.

While he behave like that on sets, I am very caring as well. I won't let anybody question my team. This is how we have to be on sets and in real life," concluded Boyapati Srinu.