SPY Reddy's Claim! Will CBN Stun Akhila Priya?

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MP SPY Reddy on Friday declared he would be contesting from Nandyal Lok Sabha Constituency in 2019 Polls. He also announced that his Son-in-Law Sridhar Reddy will be the TDP Candidate for Nandyal Assembly Segment.

Akhila Priya's Brother Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy is the sitting MLA of Nandyal. He won on TDP Ticket in the by-election which happened following the death of Bhuma Nagireddy. Today's announcement from SPY Reddy came as a bitter shock to Bhuma Family.

At any cost, Bhuma Family wishes to contest from Allagadda and Nandyal Assembly Constituencies in 2019 Polls. Whereas, There seems to be a stiff competition from SPY Reddy for Nandyal MLA Ticket. What if Chandrababu Naidu prefers SPY's Son-in-Law instead of Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy? In such a situation, Akhila Priya has to decide whether she has to continue in TDP or not.
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