Why Jagan Will Be Next CM? Undavalli Theory!

Undavalli Arun Kumar believes those who stay in touch with the people in the grassroots can correctly predict who will be the next Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. 'Police will constantly stay in the public. They knew who could form the next government. When a MLA passes him, A Cop won't salute as he knew that he/she won't win again. The same cop salutes to an Opposition Leader because of knowing the pulse of people,' he told hinting YCP is all set to form Government.

Undavalli opined Jagan's Padayatra has been receiving overwhelming response because people look up to YSR as a godly figure. 'No other Padayatras in the country was able to receive such huge response. Luckily, Jagan was able to communicate to the people. He isn't using dialogues like 'what I am saying...'. Jagan is much better speaker than his Father,' he declared.

At the same time, Undavalli asked Jagan not to be over-confident about victory as Chandrababu Naidu keeps doing something till the last minute to retain power.

The Two-Time MP slammed Chandrababu Naidu for politicizing even the bifurcation of High Court. He feels it could be a conspiracy to delay the trail of Jagan's disproportionate assets case. 'Chandrababu is so good at twisting anything as per his convenience. In the recent past, He was failing to convince people whenever something is being done. I don't understand why he delayed HC bifurcation? If a Judge gets transferred, Will the New Judge carry out the trail right from the beginning? If that is the case, Why the records of trails have been preserved safely? I won't say Babu is a great speaker, but he used to speak very carefully in the past. Now a days, He is ending up getting caught whatever is being spoken. Few days ago, Naidu complained AP was forced to set up High Court in a hurry. Now, He claims HC bifurcation was an achievement. The stand has been changed within 24 hours,' he complained.

Undavalli tickled the funny bone by calling Lokesh as Jokesh. He went on to say that the plans of Chandrababu to project his son as an efficient Leader won't yield results.