Vijay Devarakonda Cried On Stage. Why?

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It is known that young sensation Vijay Deverakonda is known for his never-ending energy. Be it on the stages or silver screens, Vijay lights up any event with his energy. But for the first time, this rowdy boy getting teary-eyed during his brother Anand Deverakonda's launch is grabbing the attention.

While talking at the pre-release event of Anand Deverakonda's debut film, 'Dorasani'. ''My brother used to work in Deloitte but when he returned back to India leaving that job, I didn't like it. Then he revealed that he wants to go into the films. I asked him to do that on his own because he also should experience how to select a script and take it to theatres as becoming an actor is not an easy job. Today, I am here where I am today only because of my brother. He used to send money from the USA and supported the family which is why I am standing here today'', said Vijay Deverakonda and broke into tears.

''I've watched the film. It's really a good film. Director KVR Mahendra rocked it. Sivathmika and Anand added beauty to it'' added Vijay Deverakonda and appreciated the whole team.

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