BJP should learn it lessons, says ex BJP MLA Vishnu Kumar Raju

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The BJP's ignominious defeat in the MLC elections has set of a furious debate within the party. Not only did the party fail, but also lost its deposit in all the seats it had fought. It's lone sitting seat, North Andhra graduate constituency, was also lost. Sitting MLC PVN Madhav came a cropper polling less than the invalid votes.

Reacting to the election outcome, former MLA Vishnu Kumar Raju said that the BJP was defeated as it was perceived as an associate of the ruling YSRCP. The people feel that the BJP and the YSRCP are secret friends. As a result, the people have preferred to vote for the Telugu Desam Party. If the same trend continues, then the BJP will suffer more, he added.

On the election results, he said that the anti-incumbency has driven the people into the arms of the TDP. He said that the results reflect the mood of the voters in the state. He further added that no amount of allurement or the misuse of power could help the YSRCP in the elections.

He said that it is high time that the BJP, Jana Sena and the TDP come together to defeat the YSRCP, which is fast losing the support of the voters. He further said that the AP BJP should take a leaf out of its counterpart in Telangana and strengthen itself as a credible opposition to the ruling YSRCP.
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