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'Dasara' Movie Review!

Cast: Nani, Keerthy Suresh, Deekshith Shetty, Shine Tom Chacko, Samuthirakani, Jhansi and others.

Music: Santhosh Narayanan

Cinematography: Sathyan Sooryan

Producer: Sudhakar Cherukuri

Writer – Director: Srikanth Odela

Nani is one of the most talented actors in Tollywood. He is known for picking up interesting stories and challenging himself with versatile roles. He has now attempted a never before role for 'Dasara'. He played the role of Dharani and his look itself created a lot of hype on the movie. With impressive promotional content, 'Dasara' raised the expectations heavily and let us dive into the review to find out how the movie is.


'Dasara' is a story that takes place in a village named Veerlapalli and it has a 90s backdrop. Dharani (Nani), Vennela (Keerthy Suresh) and Suri (Deekshith Shetty) are friends since childhood. Dharani likes Vennela but she likes Suri instead. While their triangular story is moving forward, the fight for the Sarpanch post in the village creates a huge impact on the lives of these three. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.


Telugu cinema used to be criticised for lacking naturality and churning out the same formulaic movies at one point in time. A lot of movie lovers used to watch Tamil and Malayalam movies and wondered when Telugu cinema dares to do something different. But things changed drastically now. The filmmakers realized that the rural stories have a lot of commercial factor and they started making quality movies with rural backdrops. Even heroes are coming forward to take up such scripts. Highlighting the nativity factor and presenting the most common and relatable characters, Sukumar made 'Rangasthalam' and 'Pushpa'. They became blockbusters and 'Dasara' follows their footsteps. This is a mass film set in a 90s backdrop and it takes place in a small village. Nani's impeccable performance and a few stand-out episodes create a massive impact. Despite being a regular revenge drama, the different treatment makes 'Dasara' special.

After putting away village stories for a long time, the filmmakers understood the potential in them. Sukumar showed everyone that a regular story can give a whole new experience to the audience if it is narrated in a different manner with a raw and rustic backdrop. His protégé Srikanth Odela did the same thing. While Sukumar showcased politics in the Andhra region in 'Rangasthalam', Srikanth took the Telangana backdrop. The way he presented the Singareni villages in the 90s turns out to be one of the biggest plus points in this movie. The director takes us into his world very quickly and he is ably backed by a strong technical team. On top of that, Nani and other actors gave phenomenal performances. With the story moving in an interesting way, we get connected to the proceedings instantly.

We expected a couple of stand-out scenes in commercial movies. We want the hero to be elevated highly and 'Dasara' has all that in abundance. Nani who is trying to get a mass image from a long time seems to have achieved it with 'Dasara'. Starting from his intro scene, he got a lot of elevation shots. While we expect more from the second half, the director falters a bit in that aspect. The first half is the major asset to 'Dasara'. The establishment of the premise and characters was done in a very convincing manner. Telling the story and then introducing the three main characters made the audience connect with them instantly. Cricket episode, the elections scene and others made the proceedings very interesting. Interval episode is a major plus and we feel thrilled while looking at it. Starting from the artists to the technicians, everyone gave their best for this interval scene and it shocks the audience.

The expectations go sky high for the second half but it goes in one format and becomes a normal revenge drama. Though Nani and Keerthy Suresh lifted the movie to a certain extent with their acting skills, some of the scenes are quite boring. The director failed to take 'Dasara' to the next level in the second half and had he included more stand-out scenes during this part, the film would have reached a whole new level. The repetitive scenes and sentiment start to irk the audience but the movie picks up the pace from pre-climax once again. After the interval, it is the climax that creates a good impression. Overall, 'Dasara' is a treat to the audience who love raw and rustic mass movies. Despite its shortcomings, Nani's performance and some key sequences stand as its biggest highlights.


The Telugu audience are fortunate to have an actor of Nani's caliber working in Tollywood. We will be shocked to see him as Dharani in 'Dasara'. Though it may take some time to see such a lovely man like Nani in such a deglamorized fashion, we get connect to his character within a short time. His conviction and dedication which playing this role is applause-worthy. He leaves a strong impact on the audience despite struggling with the Telangana accent in a few places. Nani is in his element while doing emotional scenes and we will understand why he is one of the best in business.

Keerthy Suresh leaves a lasting impact after a long time in Telugu cinema. Only a few can play such roles and this role is another feather in her cap. Her Telangana accent is decent and she showcased her specialty through Vennela's character. Her mass dances are a treat to watch on the screen. Despite being his first Telugu film, Deekshith Shetty did a wonderful job. His role has a lot of significance in the story and his acting was on par with Nani at places. Shine Tom Chacko is quite good in the role of a villain and he makes his mark within a short time. We expect a lot from Samuthirakani but his role doesn't have a lot of substance. Sai Kumar is decent and the rest of the actors are fine as well.


Songs by Santosh Narayanan are already hits. But their picturisation is not up to the mark. He showed his trademark style in background scores. Many expect loud and thunderous BGM during hero elevations in Telugu commercial movies but Santhosh created something different. The regular audience may find it a bit odd but he definitely enhanced the proceedings with his re-recording. Sathyan Sooryan's cinematography is one of the major highlights of 'Dasara'. Right from the beginning, he creates a separate mood and takes the audience into the world of Veerlapalli. The dark tone and the dust has been used to full effect. The visuals are just wonderful. The production values are top notch and the makers should be appreciated for believing in a debut director and spending this much. Writer-director Srikanth Odela's hard work is pretty much visible on the screen. Just like his guru Sukumar, Srikanth proved that he has his own style with 'Dasara'. His high potential can be seen in some scenes and his care for detailing, nativity and accent is appreciable. Had he taken better care of the second half, the movie would have been on a whole new level. The snail-paced narration is the only complaint on Srikanth.

Verdict: 'Dasara' – Rustic Rural Drama With Rocking Performances!

Rating: 2.75/5
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