Teenmaar Mallanna Arrested from Farmers Protest Site!

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Popular Journalist C Naveen Kumar, who is famous by the name Teenmaar Mallanna is politically active and he doesn't shy away from making political comments. With his straightforward nature, he came into the bad books of the ruling TRS. He was arrested earlier and was released on bail later.

After joining the Telangana wing of the BJP, Teenmaar Mallanna came out of the party and he is raising his voice for the public issues. He is a strong supporter of farmer issues. His very same nature made him face an arrest.

It is known that the GO MS: 80A, which was issued by the Telangana government did not go well with the farmers and protests are being held at various places against it. The Hanamkonda region saw an intense protest by the farmers demanding the government take back the controversial GO.

Teenmaar Mallanna made his way to Arepalli to stand in solidarity with the protesting farmers. Saying that he will support the farmers in their fight, Teenmaar Mallanna extended his support to the farmers. However, he was reportedly arrested by the cops deployed at the spot.

The arrest led to a tense situation with the cops and the attendees of the protest entering into an argument. After a brief confrontation, Teenmaar Mallanna was reportedly arrested by the cops and was taken to a nearby police station.

The controversial GO MS: 80A was issued by the government to gather thousands of acres of land adjacent to the Outer Ring Road (ORR) area. A notification was also issued by the Telangana sarkar reportedly for the same. However, the farmers are strongly opposing it and demanding the repeal of the Government Order.
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