Is Suriya & Bala Project Shelved Completely?

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If Tamil star heroes develop a trust with the director, they go to extreme lengths to satisfy him. They give a lot of respect to the directors and some heroes are even ready to shed their star image to work with some filmmakers. They don't hesitate to work with big directors who are going through a rough patch at the moment. Versatile hero Suriya too showed interest in working with cult director Bala who was one of the biggest directors in Kollywood at one time.

During his initial days as an actor, it was Suriya's dream to work with Bala. The first film in their combination turned out to be a huge hit. He played the second hero in Bala's most acclaimed movie 'Shivaputrudu'. Bala gave a huge boost to Suriya's career during his early days. Now, Suriya ended up being a huge hero with enormous craze all across the nation while Bala slowly lost his touch. Most of Bala's films in recent times ended up being huge disappointments.

Barring 'Vaadu - Veedu' which came out 10 years back, none of his films pleased the audience and we all know how his project with Vikram's son Dhruv got cancelled after looking at the initial output. The project was taken over by Gireesaya later. The entire work Bala did was dumped which shocked everyone.

Suriya wanted to give Bala another chance and even announced a movie with him under his own '2D Entertainments' banner. But a recent update suggests that the actor and director had creative differences which led to the cancellation of the project. This news went viral but the production banner clarified that Bala decided to take time in order to come up with a better script. They denied all the rumours about the project being shelved. We need to wait and see how things turn out in the coming days.
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