US: Land of Opportunities Struggling with Gun Culture Menace!

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The gun culture which is growing at a rapid pace in the United States is creating a ruckus in the nation. Compared to a few decades back, the culture had spread its wings largely and many see that the culture might have reached its peaks with people across the ages attacking and harming others.

In the recent past, the United States has been seeing such incidents. In the past month, the United States reported three incidents. Even the youngsters are possessing guns and are attacking others. Many people lose their lives in the attacks with serious injuries.

Raising many fears and concerns about gun culture, a teenager created havoc in the United States by opening fire. As a result, more than 20 people including adults and children breathed their last in the horrific attack.

Going into detail, a deadly gun firing was reported outside an elementary school in Texas. As many as 21 victims, including adults and students, passed away and the deceased reportedly include a teacher at the school. Though the official confirmation is awaited, many think that a teenager, who is 18 might have started the firing and he carried a gun with him.

The Police department was informed about this and the help arrived at the spot. As a precautionary measure, the public movement was restricted and lockdown-like restrictions were imposed on the school premises. The suspected teenager was also injured in this reportedly.

Besides fatalities, a few victims also sustained injuries reportedly and were shifted to the nearby hospital facility for treatment. Given the severity of the injuries they sustained in the attack, the injured victims whose condition is problematic were placed at an intensive care unit (ICU) facility for better treatment. The details on their health are awaited.

The United States reporting such gun firing incidents not once but thrice in less than one month is a big concern and they are a lot of fears about the safety of the people. The demand to address the growing gun culture menace is getting momentum and many organizations are demanding the address of the issue at the earliest.
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