Cops bust gang who re-sell clothes used by Covid patients

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Strange are the ways  of some people. The whole world is shivering at the prospect of a spreading Corona. The second wave has gripped the country and is threatening to decimate large swathes of population. The medical experts are advising utmost caution in quarantining oneself to break the chair of Corona spread.

But, here are some idiots who see business even with the clothes used and discarded by Covid positive patients. They are on a collection spree. They are collecting the clothes such as apparel, bed sheets, pillows, sarees, kurtas, pyjamas and other material used by Covid patients – both living as well as dead. They are washing these clothes clean and are repackaging them to be sold off to gullible and unsuspecting patients. The UP police have busted one such heinous racket in UP's Baghpat. The police arrested seven persons and recovered loads of clothes used by the Covid patients.

The police have warned the people not to buy clothes from such suspicious persons, who offer clothes at lower prices. They suggested that the people should buy clothes only from verified sources and from authorized outlets.
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