No Crowds For Dharmapur Aravind's Meeting

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At a time when the BJP is upbeat about the mood of the GHMC voters, voters' disinterest about the candidates is also getting clearly manifest. At many places, the people are not showing any interest in the whole process of electioneering.

Despite a pro-BJP mood, some of the BJP rallies are failing due to lack of interest among the people. Nizamabad MP Dharmapuri Aravind has had a first-hand experience of this recently. On Wednesday, he was asked to join the party campaign in HMT Hills Ram Mandir in Hydernagar under the Serilingampalli assembly constituency. When Aravind went there, there were no people. Only a handful of party functionaries were there.

This made the MP livid and he fired at the party organisers. "Why are you doing politics, if you cannot mobilise people?  You people are not fit to be in politics," he shouted at them and left the place in a huff.
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