Superstar To Fight With Bollywood Villain Yet Again

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Superstar Rajinikanth is doing back to back films these days and there is no stopping him. The latest news floated in the media saying that with the extended crisis in Tamil Nadu, the filming of the Rajinikanth's on-going project 'Annathe' may be delayed thus resulting in a deferred release! Annathe was planned to hit the screens on Pongal 2021 but it would now release in Summer 2021 due to the crisis!

It is evident that Rajinikanth is now shooting for his #168 film 'Annathe' with Siruthai Siva and latest sources say that superstar would fight against a Bollywood antagonist in this film. Well of we go by the recent times Rajinikanth has fought with major Bollywood actors like Nana Patekar, Nawazuddin, Sunil Shetty and Akshay Kumar recently. Now he will fight with Jackie Shroff, who is all set to play a big role in the film Annathe. Let's see how this Bugil actor impresses audiences in this much awaited superstar film!

It's time for the big league actors to plan well their projects and provide work to all the film industry labours. Anyhow, Superstar is a legend in all matters!
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