Google Took Down Controversial 'Mitran' App From Play Store

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Following the pandemic originated from the Dragon country China, the demand to oppose and boycott Chinese products is getting support from various ends. Smartphone users are even using apps that detect Chinese apps.

In the wake of this, Google Play Store removed the controversial Mitron app that offers short videos. The decision was taken by the Play Store as its main competitor app TikTok offers the same services.

The Mitron app which is not that popular shot to fame with the growing support to oppose Chinese apps and products recorded more than 5 million downloads in the last month.

Goggle backed its move to remove the app and said that copying content from other apps is clearly a violation as per the guidelines of the company and added that the apps should thrive to offer value to their users.

The Controversial app entered one more controversy with raising many doubts on its origin also. Some media reports state that the app was brought from Qboxus, a Pakistani software development company.

Founder of Qboxus said that the app was purchased by the Indian developers and they did not do many changes to the app
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