iSmart Shankar Chip Concept Inspired From Criminal

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Chip Concept is the unique selling point of 'iSmart Shankar'. Without this element, This Mass Entertainer could have been a damn routine/boring flick.

Puri Jagannath have the habit of taking inspiration from Foreign Language Films. Movie Buffs wondered from where did this Crazy Filmmaker borrow the Chip Concept. The search operation ended with an American Action Flick 'Criminal' (2016).

Criminal Plot: A CIA Agent who is on a mission to nab a Hacker gets killed under mysterious circumstances. That is when the chip with his memories gets transferred to an Ex-Convict.

In the Telugu Version, Satyadev played the Investigation Officer and Ram Pothineni appeared as a Convict in a murder case. Puri Jagannath-mark Hero Characterisation and Pucca Mass Presentation made the difference.

'iSmart Shankar' is a film aimed at B and C Centres. This Ram-starrer is doing well in the mass circuits and that means it reached out to the audience.

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