Viral Video: Give Way To Pant Vs Ziva Dhoni Contest!

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IPL season and ODI matches before that sprung up a rivalry among the Indian Cricket fans, Rishabh Pant vs MS Dhoni.

MS fans have ridiculed Pant on his keeping lapses and in one crunch match his lapses cost match and fans at stadium started cheering Dhoni, Dhoni.

This could have made any young player lose his heart and even see MSD as a villain. But Rishabh maintained that Dhoni is his idol.

But at India vs Pakisthan, Dhoni and Pant were at odds but it is not on cricketing field but outside when Pant and Ziva Dhoni, MSD's daughter had a screaming contest.

The video featuring them screaming loud at each other trying to one up other is going viral. So, there is no bad blood between MSD and Rishabh!

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