Youtube Star Narayana Reddy Of Grandpa Kitchen Dies

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Narayana Reddy, known as Grandpa for his popular cooking channel on YouTube GrandpaKitchen, died on October 27. He was best known for cooking huge meals, which would be given to children in the community. Sharing his video on youtube, he built up a following of more than 6 million followers.

His Youtube channel was launched in August 2017. The death was shared through a video shared on his Youtube channel. In his cookery videos, grandpa sat in a field and prepared considerably large portions of food, his men include dishes ranging from Chicken Biriyani, pizza, burger, chicken lollipop etc

Crispy Potato Fingers was the last video of the Grandpa which was posted on September 20. After that Naryana Reddy's health kept deteriorating and finally passed away on 27th at his residence.

His youtube channel posted the video of his final journey. We can see many people gathered and his body draped in flowers.
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