Speaker's Decision Proves To Be A Boon For BJP

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Karnataka politics continue to take twists and turns like an unruly river. Though Kumaraswamy Government has been voted out of power in a show of no confidence, things still seem to be unclear. Speaker Ramesh Kumar is still in his seat and is determined to give sleepless nights to the BJP government led by BS Yeddiyurappa. He is still holding the key for Yeddiyurappa's government. On Sunday, he has disqualified 14 rebel MLAs. Earlier 3 MLAs were disqualified. As a result, these MLAs will not be able to contest till the expiry of the term of the present house. So, there will be disquiet in the rebel camp.

However, there is some consolation for the BJP in all this. The party would now be able to sail through the confidence vote quite easily. Due to this disqualification, the number of the Congress and JDU members would be greatly reduced in the house. The total strength of the BJP is 105, while the combined strength of the Congress-JDU front is just 99.  So, the BJP government led by Yeddiyurappa will win the confidence vote and no confidence vote can be brought in six months time. Within this period, there would be byelections for the vacancies caused by disqualification. If the BJP manages to win the maximum number of seats, the government would be stable and strong.

Meanwhile, the rebels have decided to challenge the disqualification in the Supreme Court. They said they would soon approach the Supreme Court of India.
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