Song Is Trending But Did You Now About Tamil Arjun Reddy?

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Tamil version of Arjun Reddy, directed by Gireesaaya with Dhruv Vikram as the main lead has been stuck from a long time in hard disks. We cannot says Cans, these days, times have changed.

The young actor faced heavy trolls when Bala tried to present him in his style with the same story and producers decided to rope in Gireesaaya, assistant of Sandeep Reddy for the film.

But the film lost its sheen and all the hype wore off. The movie team released a song composed by Radhan, who gave music to the original.

He wrote the lyrics and Sid Sriram sung it. Still no one cared about it. It completed 1 Million views and it is trending at #36. But Telugu social media is not looking at it.

Kabir Singh created a sensation as director Sandeep Reddy decided to go for bolder lyrics and tunes from the original Telugu one.

Tamil one seemed to go even softer. Well, we have to wait and see, if Dhruv Vikram proves himself with the film or will it end up being huge pressure on his young shoulders.

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