Another game..Another Scam..Poor Men Houses Turn Rich Money-Spinners For TDP Govt

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YSRCP Government's bold decisions are exposing the massive corruption that the TDP government has indulged during the last five years. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has already exposed how the TDP looted in the name of Polavaram project. The reverse tendering process that YS Jagan has initiated has saved huge amounts for the state exchequer. Now, Jagan has exposed another such money-minting effort of the TDP government.

The TDP worthies have allegedly used the housing for the poor scheme to siphon off funds in a very big way. This has come to light after Jagan Government fixed the per square yard construction cost at Rs 650. The contractors will  have to construct the 800 houses that the government will now construct for the victims of the Hudhud Cyclone at this rate. In fact, the per sqare yard construction cost during the TDP regime was a staggering Rs 2000. This means, one every square yard of construction, the contractors had siphoned off Rs 1350.  There were several allegations of the TDP, contractor collusion in this house construction scam. The scam, according to sources was worth Rs 4930 crore. This figure was arrived at by an expert committee.

The YSRCP government has called for a tenders with per house cost pegged at Rs 1,06,687 for the Hudhud victim. The cost of the same houses was pegged between Rs 6.40 lakh to Rs 8.70 lakh during the TDP regime.  The TDP government had spiked up the rates in the name of the share-wall technology.  This also made the beneficiaries to shell out at least Rs 3 lakh from his pocket. In addition, the proposals for house construction were kept in the limbo for over four years under Chandrababu Naidu. YSRCP government is now working hard to rationalise the rate structure and make the costs affordable for the common man.
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