Viral: YCP Shawl On NTR Statue!

Within hours after there were clear indications of YSR Congress wave in 2019 Elections, Few Over-Enthusiastic Individuals crossed the line to express their joy. In the video which went viral on social media, A Group of five people were found removing the garland on NTR's statue and placing YCP Shawl around it.

Netizen who shared the video wondered what will be the situation in the next 5 years if such things happen within an hour after the victory. Most of the people condemned the removal of garland placed on the NTR idol.

However, A section of people opined there is nothing wrong about placing YCP Shawl around NTR Statue. They argue, 'TDP-led by Chandrababu Naidu insulted NTR so much during the August crisis in the 90s. It was YCP which offered due respect to the great personality by promising to rechristen Krishna District as NTR District. NTR himself opposed Naidu's TDP before his death. Lakshmi Parvathi is continuing as a YCP Member. Then, What's wrong if YCP Shawl was placed around NTR Statue'.