YSRCP Raghuram Raju Sensational Comments on Farmer's protests

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As the protests observed by the farmers of the capital city Amaravati region is intensifying day by day, YSRCP MP Raghurama Raju who represents the Narsapur constituency has made sensational comments. He said it's quite common the farmers are agitating on the shift of capital city.

"The capital city is not going to shift from Amaravati, but Vishakapatnam will also be the capital city. After getting approved by the cabinet and Assembly we can get more clarity on it. The government will take measures to ensure that the farmers will not get any injustice," Mr. Raju said.


"Vizag city is already developed. Along with Vizag other Northern Andhra districts will also get developed. There is nothing to worry about Amaravati's development. The layout on the development in Amaravati will also be implemented," he observed.

He went on to say that Cockfights will also be held in the state during Sankranti. "Cockfights without gambling and violence will definitely commence for Sankranti. Cockfights are part of our festival and an internal part of culture and tradition. No one can separate the Cockfights from the Godavari districts.. If anyone tries so their ideas will be damaged," he added.
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