Nobody Wants Nara Lokesh's Chamber

Until the 2019 Election results were announced, TDP projected Roja as an Iron Leg in Politics. Telugu Desam could no more continue such a campaign after the firebrand retained her MLA seat and YCP formed the government.

Now, None other than Nara Lokesh is being projected as an Iron Leg as nothing worked for Chandrababu Naidu ever since he began promoting his Son as his political successor. One of the factors behind the poor result of TDP in the recent elections is the possibility of Lokesh becoming CM if Naidu retains power.

None of the Ministers in YS Jagan's Cabinet are willing to accept Nara Lokesh's Chamber in Block No.5 of the Secretariat as he is considered as 'unlucky'. Panchayati Raj Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy refused to use the chamber inspite of having all the facilities. He sought the General Administration Department to allocate another chamber for him. After which, Ramachandra Reddy received Room No.203 in Block No.3.

Most of the Ministers are reluctant to accept Lokesh's Chamber as they believe it has got a negative vibe. Let's see who will be getting the Chamber of Ex-CM's Son!