YSRCP MLA derogatory comments on Anuradha

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Political leaders and public representatives are expected to respect their opponents. Even though former CMs Chandrababu and late YSR are virals in politics, they never failed to respect each other and maintain a friendly atmosphere in the state.


Politicians we have now are not well behaved like the previous generation politicians. Going into detail, YSRCP MLA Malladi Vishnu controlled his balance and lashed out at TDP leader Panchumarti Anuaradha in a debate conducted by a Telugu news channel. This has now become a political sensation.

Talking at the debate Anuradha mentioned about the remarks of Botsa Satyanarayana. In response, Vishnu termed Naidu as 'Chameleon'. She gave a fitting reply to Vishnu and said her party chief is not Chameleon.

Vishnu who got irritated by this threatened Anuradha, that if she does not address CM in a dignified way she will lose her respect. He added that even though the public limited the TDP party with just 23 seats they did not have shame.

"Shut your mouth... If you utter nonsense you will be arrested.,. What's your status? Who are you? I don't even spare you if you are women.. I will chop your tongue. Anuradha who is not even a Corporator can criticize CM?" Vishnu said.
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