'Reel Hero' PK Scared of 'Real Hero' Jagan

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YCP Ministers and MLAs launched counter attack on Pawan Kalyan who unveiled Jana Sena Party report on 100 Days of Jagan's Rule.

Avanthi Srinivas advised Pawan Kalyan not to fall in the trap of TDP-led by Chandrababu Naidu. He wondered if Jana Senani is supporting the corruption happened in TDP regime. 'Wasn't Pawan aware of the sand mafia during TDP rule? He took an u-turn on Amaravati. Jana Sena need to clarify whether if its in favour of Nava Rathnalu or not. Pawan Kalyan need to introspect before criticizing the State Government. Has he met the people of Gajuwaka who voted for him so far? Don't know why he is ing Botsa Satyanarayana who is a self-made man like Chiru,' commented the Minister.

Botsa Satyanarayana accused Pawan Kalyan of backing those who looted the state and making baseless allegations on the YCP Government. He told YCP Government is trying to unearth the enormous corruption happened in the name of World-class Capital. The Minister asked Jana Senani to remain patient until the completion of Reverse Tendering.

Anakapalle MLA Amarnath opined 'Reel Hero' Pawan Kalyan seems to be getting shivers down the spine witnessing the rise of 'Real Hero' Jagan. He demanded apology from Jana Senani for calling Village Volunteers as Courier Boys & Courier Girls.

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