YS Vivekananda Reddy Letter: What's The Truth?

Killing YS Vivekananda Reddy when he was alone in the house created a sensation. Ignoring the political differences, The focus need to be on finding out the truth based on the logic.

Why did media report that YS Viveka suffered heart stroke? Who passed such a false information to media? If there are multiple injury marks on the body and 2 litres blood in the room, How could it be a natural death?

Generally, Cops could tell whether if it's a murder or natural death upon seeing the spot. In this case, They waited until the Post-Mortem Report to make such a statement. Was it just because it's a high-profile case?

Police would seize the objects useful for investigation and collect all the clues soon after reaching the crime spot. Whereas, The letter which was publicised as that of Viveka's surfaced 12 hours later. Why?

YS Viveka's Letter: 'My Driver thrashed Me so badly for asking him to join the duty early. Had to work so hard for writing this letter. Don't spare Driver Prasad'.

Can someone who was stabbed so badly will be in a position to write a letter? Driver Prasad hails from Pulivendula and he was working for Viveka since one-and-a-half month. Can a Driver dare to kill someone like YS Viveka? Cops need to find out answers for all these valid questions.